To be of service and guardianship.


Dear Friends,

In 2013 we first provided certifications to help ensure legal protections for patients clearly benefiting from cannabis medicine. Our initial model was to travel to the patient, establish a lasting relationship between physician and patient while keeping prices appropriate and affordable. Since then we have driven thousands of rural Maine miles, listening to patients in their homes and communities, and our model has evolved.

While maintaining the mission of service and guardianship our goals now include effective advocacy and quality resources for Maine medical cannabis patients. We recognize the tremendous work that caregivers put into creating safe, organic medicine for patients. Our network now includes wonderful people from various walks and professions. Each abiding by a similar ethos; to bring wellness and prosperity to others through community and individual action.

A bit about myself, I am a US Navy veteran, former fitness trainer, computer technician and sailing instructor.


For a 1982 vacation I rode my motorcycle from San Diego to Virginia and back. In 2008 I rode 1,000 miles in 24 hours for a Saddle Sore event. In 2017 I traveled to Peru and look forward to 2018 Tanzania/Kenya adventure.


My formal college experience started at age 35, a non-traditional college student. After eleven years of education and training in California, I earned my medical degree as a Family Physician and started clinical out-patient practice in Arizona. In 2010 I traveled here, to Maine, where I look forward to working for the rest of my life.

It is our desire here at Budding Potentials to become a positively effective and quality response to the patient voice. We garner our greatest skills and place them at the will of this effort to serve with guardianship, the medical cannabis community.

With gratitude for this awesome opportunity,

Dr. Mary Callison