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Bring Wellness into Your Life

Bring quality & goodness into your life.


— EJ

"I met Dr. Mary when i got my certification. It was an great experience..the whole process was easy and she truly cares about her patients. Keep up the great work!!"

  • Medical Cannabis use evaluations

  • Apothecary for wellness supplements

  • Educational presentations to community

  • Select products for Budding Potential patients

Meet Dr. Mary Callison

Dr. Mary​ is a Medical Doctor trained at UCLA and UC Irvine. Specializing​ in Family Medicine​ ​she is able to address and treat a wide range of conditions and ailments. As a​ ​U.S. Navy​ ​veteran,​ ​Dr.​ ​Mary​ ​understands service, discipline and commitment ​which she uses every day in caring for her patients needs.


Serving in part as a mobile doctor, she travels the state of Maine helping patients who might otherwise not have fair opportunity for  evaluation for medical cannabis treatment. Her daily practice is guided by humility, compassion and the words of Mark Twain: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


True to her ideals, Dr. Mary is a world-traveler and adventurer. From cross country motorcycle driving to world adventures in Peru with upcoming trip to Greece. To visit Tel Aviv University's Cannabis Program would be a real dream!



Choose from one of the following services, Medical Cannabis evaluation and certification privately at home or with a group. Check out the Apothecary and Store. Then, call 207-806-9135 and request an appointment. Feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns you may have.
Hover for Prices
House calls are the most private and personal experience! If you are in a nursing home check with your case manager. 
Come alone or with a friend! $95-$125
Clinics & Events
Clinics and events are held  throughout this great state of Maine, from York to Caribou. Please call the office or check our calendar for an upcoming clinic near you!
Use your computer at home! $50
Do you have WiFi and medical records? Time and distance a concern, can't leave the house, schedule a Telemedicine appointment. Use your laptop, smart phone or tablet with our free HIPAA-secure software.
So EASY! $50 when renewed by mail.
Annual Renewal
Once established with Budding Potentials patients pay only $50 for their annual renewal by mail! Let us know if your address changes. 
We mail Postcard reminders!
Get 5+ qualifying people together
Host a Clinic
If you would like to host a Budding Potentials clinic at your facility or site, contact the office.
Shop for health supplements
Visit Dr. Mary's online Apothecary to choose from a variety of pharmaceutical-grade herbs and supplements hand-selected by Dr. Mary for a variety of conditions and symptoms.
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